Bolt gen for rhino 7

It seems the bolt gen plug in is not compatible with rhino 7.
Can anyone confirm this?
Thank you

There are reports of users successfully using it in Rhino 7. Very little activity from the developer as of late, but it wouldn’t hurt to send them a request for an update.

Thanks I got it to work - i think it used to have a new boltgen menu - but no problem, just launch from the command line

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BoltGen in version 1.89 runs very well in Rhino 7. The toolbar works also.
BoltGen_py.rhi (1022.8 KB)
Name of the file: BoltGen_py_1.89.rhi
Inside is 1 folder and 2 files:
HowToUseBoltGen 898 218 bytes
BoltGen_py.rhp 269 824 bytes
BoltGen_py.rui 159 306 bytes