Bolean differencce help

I created the “cap” shown in the attachement (without the “hole”). Then I made a small sphere to make a hole in the surface, but when I apply the bolean difference, this is what I get, not the hole.
Any suggestion?Dodeca penta with sides hole.3dm (458.5 KB)

Hello - I don’t follow - this is what I see if I get rid of the meshes:


Is that not what you need?


Yes. But I have tried to do it without success. I’m new to Rhino. Will you be so kind to tell me the commands you used to do it?

Hello - I did nothing but open your file - it looks to me like it has already worked fine but this was hidden from you by the mesh objects that are in the same location.


I have tried DeleteMeshFaces but I get nowhere… Could you be more specific?

Hello - you have overlapping objects in the file - some meshes and the object with the hole. If you run

SelMesh and then Hide, you’ll see the thing I think you are looking for. Or, is your question about how do you chop the hole out of the mesh object in the same way that it is chopped out of the surfaces?


OK. This is what I did: Select the whole cap, press Del, then I selected the cap again and applied Mesh. Do you think that will 3d print ok?Dodeca penta with sides hole del mesh.3dm (578.2 KB)

Hello - the edges are separate - I don’t know if those will print as one thing - they may and it may depend on the system. But I’d build one solid object - something like this -

Dodeca penta with sides hole_PG.3dm (341.2 KB)

The angled sides, the sphere and the plane are the key elements - you trim those to one another and create a closed solid - then Shell and lastly pop the hole in there.


Thanks for all the help. I’m waiting for my printer to arrive. I will print a small part, just to see if it prints ok. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.