Boids plugin - old components versus new components

Hello world !

It’s been a long time I haven’t done something cool with grasshopper so I looked at my old projects and found some interesting things I’ve started years ago, in 2016… time passes…

So I decided to recycle some code I did with the Boids plugin and I remembered this old post

First I started to play with Pablo Miranda’s code, the result was satisfying even if I still understand half of it… for now. But when I tried to redo the code… things got messy.

Actually, the old mathematical components doesn’t work like the new ones so the loop doesn’t work at all…

If someone can look at the codes I’ll be eternally grateful :wink:

This is the result I’m trying to achieve but it in the xz plane… (55.5 KB) (33 KB)

Thx in advance for any help and for your time !

And sorry for my weird english

Ivo Nenov

Here is the old code clean working fine. (35.7 KB)

The new one (33 KB)

With the error message saying : 1. Addition undefined between vectors and numbers.

Anyone ?

I would maybe try asking them through their support email. Here I dont have the plugin so I am clueless what could be going on. Hope you can get it solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thx ! Yes I’ll try to reach them :wink:

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