Bogue rhino script

Hi every one

on rhino 6 BÊTA
(6.0.18009.10391, 09/01/2018)
N/S : 4-1600-0106-100-0003915-36797

the script command “Rhino.TextObjectText” is not operationel? but this function run correctly on rhino 5

try to test this cod on rhino 5 and Rhino 6

Call Main()
Sub Main()
	Dim strObject,x,n

	strObject = Rhino.GetObject("Select text")
	If Rhino.IsText(strObject) Then

		n = Rhino.TextObjectText(strObject, "Test rhino 6 Wip")

	End If

End Sub

on my rhino 6 the command doesn’t work.


Here not either… (this is the 11.01 “daily” build) --Mitch

ok it’s reassuring … it’s not me who goes crazy :slight_smile:

the bogue also exist in the Rhino.LeaderText . But run corectly with the TextDotText command

is it possible to fix this bogue?


I’m sure it will be, but no idea when… Probably not for the first release version of V6. @dale ?

Created a bugtrack item for this:

Python works if that helps:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

obj=rs.GetObject("Select a text object",512,preselect=True)
if rs.IsText(obj):
    n=rs.TextObjectText(obj,"Test Rhino 6 Wip")
    print "Previous text is: {}".format(n)
    print "New text is: {}".format(rs.TextObjectText(obj))

ok thanks
but for the pyton script, for the moment we have only vbsscript with rhino5 and i try the script to rhino 6.

we are waiting.

best regards

OK, looks like the fix is targeted for the first service release after the first commercial version is shipped, i.e. 6.1.


RH-43486 is fixed in the latest Rhino 6 Service Release Candidate