Blocks will not copy to different layer


The file that I am working in is getting large (200 MB) so I decided to take some of my grouped entities, that repeat, and make them into blocks. I exploded the groups and then formed them into blocks. Prior to doing this I could copy these groups to other layers and use them in Boolean operations. Now that they are blocks they will not copy to the specified layer but copy in place. When I try to do a Boolean subtraction I cannot select them. I am using Rhino 5 with the latest updates on a Windows 7 OS. Don’t blocks act like other entities?


You can’t Boolean with blocks. You’d have to open the block and work with the geometry.

I wouldn’t explode your groups. Ungroup them.

Blocks are just instances of a Rhino file. The instance can be assigned to a different layer than the enclosed geometry. It’s a great tool, but can be a curse until you understand it.

And yes, they do behave differently. For example, you can have a block with no visible geometry that can be selected and moved, deleted, copied a thousand times, etc without knowing it.