Blocks question

Starting off, I have not used blocks much. A simplified explanation of what i am trying to accomplish: I have a model of a boat, there needs to be a fuel tank and a motor.

The fuel tank is in a separate file as a 3d object. In that file there is also 2d flat pattern & construction drawing information. Is there anyway to extract just the 3d model of the fuel tank to be inserted into the model of the boat without all the other items? It just seems odd that there is no way to do that.

What I would really hope to be able to do is have a file with say 4 different fuel tanks and be able to selectively insert which one with out all the other stuff.

Hello - is your 2d stuff on a layout or in the model space? The layout should not come in but if it is in model space you can use layers to just hide the 2d stuff, or, export the 3d geometry to a separate file and insert that. If you want to be able to swap them out, use a linked block and change the file that the block points to in BlockManager.

Any of that make sense with what you want to do?

(If this is not specifically a V7WIP question, I’ll move it over to the Rhino forum.)

There are things that i do not want to insert in model space, but with the way we are wanting to do things (For our company’s standard parts: 3d model of a part in a file with all supporting 2d info for installers)
It seems strange that you are not able to extract one definition from a file that has more objects than that definition and insert it into another.

All is about the 3d model frame scale and positioning from the origin point.
Your own drawing and the 3D parts of the shipyard file should have the same base origin. Afterward, why not just copy and paste?..or export selected tank as “selected tank.3dm”
Once the frame scales in both drawings are set with the same coordinates, things should be easy.