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Hi, (sorry for my googlenglish)

I don’t know if I’m in the right place. I would like to submit an improvement for handling linked files (blocks).

I have been using the insertion of linked files in rhino for some time and I have the impression of having gone to level 2 of the software. This functionality increases the functionality of rhino3d.

However, the interface is “a little dry”.

  • would it be possible to have the list of linked bocs in numerical and alphabetical order?

  • Would it be possible to have a color code to materialize the blocks which are not up to date?

  • Would it be possible to sort by block that is not up to date?

  • Would it be possible to change the display order of the linked blocks if we do not want the alphabetical order?

  • Would it be possible to display with a symbol the blocks which do not have an occurrence in the file?

  • Would it be possible to have a column in the list that gives the number of occurrences used in the file?

  • Finally, when we update a block and the linked file changes the layers, their names, the order, etc … would it be possible to have in the target file a different color code for the old slaps and not modified which are no longer linked to the blocks so that they can be seen visually.

  • Finally(2), would it be possible to have a macro which records the master file as well as all the linked files in a specific folder. A kind of “Package” command in Adobe Indesign

best regards

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I think many of these are already on the Wish List.
Unfortunately, some will require a major development effort to make possible, potentially starting over from scratch with the Layer code.

Thanks for the suggestions, just the same.

Hi John,

It’s already so amazing to have a listen as a user. The future is yours! Thank you so much.

I am a 3D neophyte, the use of linked files has completely changed my work. PlanC, geometries, renderings, etc … Linked files are more reliable, light and I go deeper into the drawing. This makes it possible to work without an otherwise precious Outliner.

What bothers me the most in Rhino3d is the dificulty of keeping a plot on a plane without having completely irrational projections. I would like to believe that it is a lack of mastery on my part, but these are errors that I have neither in Blender, nor in fusion360. Without really knowing how to describe it, I have the intuition that this is reserved more particularly for certain geometries.

I have one last suggestion: the possibility of changing the type of display per layer.

Apparently the layers seem at the end of the road, unless users have more requests. A lot of software is in the process of evolving them.

last note: your file management on mac is horrible. You have to track down the developer who is a Microsotf phone transfer, give him an iphone …

Otherwise I love Rhino3d

Best regards

UX and insert command: to stay within the Insert command evolution requests. Could it be possible that the path of the target folder remains in memory to facilitate multiple inserts?