Blocks difficult to select, won't won't open with double click

I’ve inherited (from a source I can’t consult) a title block containing text blocks which are very difficult to select unless a selection window starts far from them (which risks selecting unwanted objects). Also, they won’t open for editing with double-clicking (have to use blockedit command.) It’s slowing me down as I set up every new sheet. Applying bringtofront to these blocks (or the text within them) has had no effect. Thoughts welcome.

Hello - my thought of the moment is that there may be some text scaling shennanigans going on - or a mix of scaling blocks and text… I guess if you can, isolate one of these in a new file and send to… I’ll take a look.


THanks. JUst sent it.

Hello - yeah, it looks like the annotation scaling for the text in those blocks is the thing (.083) - if that is set to 1, then selection and double-click works.


How would that get changed like that?

When I received the title block, the model space scaling was in fact set to 1, I see as I look at previous versions of the project.

I probably set it up the way it now is, and left it that way after deciding to use that anno style only in layout space.

For my own projects (this title block is a client’s) I’ve been using one annotation style in both model and paper space. That requires drastic scaling in one space or the other, and I likely attempted to remember how to set that up with this client’s anno style, but then abandoned that route in favour of importing one of my annotation styles already set up to display properly in both realms. That imported annotation style is in the project I emailed, called “StdImperialDimsMandL” (there are various versions for the different purposed outlined below) and though it’s been working for me, it might not be set up in the best way.

2 Questions:

  1. How to avoid triggering whatever bug there is here.

  2. Maybe you can recommend a resource to consult to develop a best practice for setting up annotation styles. The way I’ve set mine up serves me for a) standard dimensions in layout or model space b) standard paper space titles wthin blocks and outside of them c) exploding leaders so that the leader lines take on the dashed character of layers for calling out dashed objects and d) creating blocks which display with acceptable text size in the perspective detail views. But for some of those purposes I’ve had to create different versions of that style. There’s probably something simpler I have yet to learn about.

The short reply here is since it is on the developer’s list now, he’ll take a look at it and at this message thread and either figure it out, or maybe come back with a few more questions.

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Well in the meantime, I’m looking for a particularly detailed tutorial about annotation styles.

The V6 User’s Guide is the best I can suggest.
It’s on the Learn page.

It’s fixed!


Do you mean by setting the model space scaling to 1?

Hello - no- that bug track item, linked above, is marked ready for testing, meaning the developer thinks it should work now. His comment on the fix:

“Get a better bounding box for picking text in blocks in page space”

So, if all goes well, this should work as is in SR9.