Blocks created on a layer cannot be moved to another

The question is the title. I created a few block dfinitions while in a particular folder/layer and now I cannot delete the folder or turn it off without losing all block instances. I’ve tried cutting pasting reassigning and sundry other things one might expect to work but I still lose everything when I turn off the layer (I suppose) where the original block instance was created. I don’t understan why a block instance cannot exist above any particular layer or folder. I don’t see the point of this - or why it would be so GD difficult to manage.

What am I missing here?

Hello - see

Hopefully, that will clarify…


Thanks Pascal. How have you been!

I gathered this much “If a block definition uses the layer, you cannot delete it.”

But I was thinking (hoping) there should a way to reassign the block definition itself. No?

Hi -

There’s a script for doing that: