Blocks are shaded only after rendering is complete

I’m having an issue with rendering imported blocks. Once the main rendering has completed, there is a final rendering process which shades the blocks and this shading is added to the rendered image as a top layer, which effectively paints over the rendered image.

Only solution I’ve found is to explode the block before rendering - Is this considered normal practice?

The bottom image shows how the blocks are painted over the rendered image.

Hi Ryan - is this the Rhino renderer?


At least not Raytraced, since the first image has scanlines…

Hi Pascal,

Yes, its the built-in Rhino renderer…

The first image was taken while rendering if that helps…

Hi Ryan - can you please send me the block file? (here, or via


Hi Pascal,

I’ve discovered that this issue with the rendering only occurs when the
option to ‘render dimensions and text’ is selected. It seems like its the
nested blocks which take on the “shaded” appearance in this scenario. I
will upload the block to the mcneel address.

Thank you,

Hi Ryan- thanks, I got your file, I’ll take a look.