Blocks are messed up

Hi, so I am creating a housing layout with 4 different types of houses, I made each one a different block in case I need to edit it later. I also put all 4 houses on the same layer.

When I try and hide different layers, the houses layer obviously hides all houses, but weirdly when I turn of a random layer it turns off one type of house. I assume this is because of the block I set up as when I try to delete said layer it tells me there is a block on the layer that needs to be deleted first.

Is it possible to move that block onto the houses layer with the rest of them?

thanks for your help

Hello- objects contained in blocks are on layers in the parent file, and separately from that, eachinstance of a block exists on a layer as well, just like any object. So changing the visibility of layers that contain the objects in a block will change the visibility of those parts of the block instances that are in the file. Say you’ve made your houses and put all the doors on a layer called Doors. When you Block one of the houses, regardless of the layer that you place the instance on, the doors will still be on layer Doors and will turn on and off with that layer. Does that make sense with what you are seeing?