Blocks appear not to update


To me it looks like you inserted the undercarriage when you already had a layer named Hub in your file, along with the material assigned to that layer.

When inserting the file as a block instance you won’t get new layers from the file being inserted - instead the already existing layer is used.

Either you should ensure there are no existing layers yet - or no layers with the same name in different files you’re about to insert. That will give you the behavior you’re looking for.

This is related to Material assignment with blocks - #19 by hwansey, right?

I missed your reply there, but will do so here

I’m not sure what the best practice here is.

I don’t understand what you’re getting at with consolidating building material. Maybe @pascal or @BrianJ could shed some light on this. Same as for the “Save Small” part - I would think this doesn’t make a difference, but I’m not a deep expert on this area.