Blocks and OpenGL shadows are not friends

@jeff I have on a few resent occasions seen that blocks and OpenGL shadows don’t play nicely together. If I select the blocks and explode them then it works as expected, and if I copy-paste the parts to a new document then it also works as expected.

I can send you a file if you have time to take a look. And I can help out on the bugtracking if you like.


Concour… I mean generally blocks are kinda jacked when it comes to display.

I have to agree, though I tend to blame my GPU-driver combination. But display is the reason why I don’t use blocks, yes.

Agree, this has also been my reason for not using them earlier.
But now I am working on Skydrive and Dropbox, and that forces me to think small, so blocks and linked files are natural solutions.

BTW: I have not seen these kinds of issues with linked files.

These resent issues might be with mirrored blocks. I can check that out.
Mirror had a tendency to mess things up earlier too.

Shadows from blocks lead to the strangest effects.

In this case I get an inverted shadow:



That handle is inverted too, has that door been mirrored? Or the handle?

The handle is the block, and yes, it may be mirrored:
0, 1, 0, 1759.2499999999995
-1, 0, 0, -207.69999999999993
0, 0, 1, 385.99999999999989
0, 0, 0, 1

The door is regular geometry.