Blocks a new but very old and irritating topic

Disabled the Rhino Cam and Rhino Art file exporter and it did not crash on the simple file containing one block. It worked as expected. Both the block and and File were 100% created in Rhino 7

Im now working with the very large file pictured above that was originally created in V5 with some work done in V6. I am now using Rhino 7 to work with it. Units in all instance are in inches with this model. A large block was opened and opened as expected, except that units where in MM not inches. This particular model was a vendor supplied step model and was metric but was converted to inches before being inserted into the original V5 work.

Other blocks in this large file pictured above when opened to edit have the multi pop up block name conflict windows appear. This pops up when the block is to be edited in its own session and for some reason after its closed the same block name conflict messages start to pop up in the original file

And so on, there was a bunch more.

At least its not crashing now, Any ideas about the block name conflict when a block is opened to be edited and when its saved and closed and the edit session is complete more block name pop ups appear in the model with that block