BlockManager weird side selection field resizing behaviour?


In the latest and greatest Rhino 7 (7.3.21026.13002, 2021-01-26) for Mac, I’ve noticed a weird thing when selecting different blocks in the BlockManager.

2021-02-05 20-11-23.2021-02-05 20_13_22

When selecting a rather large block description the field gets horizontally smaller. The inverse happens when selecting a block with a short description.
This behaviour somehow seems linked to a minimum and maximum field width, interpolated from the string length of the block descriptions, because when you have a block with a very short name (e.g. “bob”) and you select a block with a larger description, the field gets ridiculously narrow.

I guess the inverse would probably make more sense?

=) Yes… Here, though, nothing moves around at all if I swap the selection. Also 7.3.2… ah, wait - external… I’ll try that. Got it now, thanks.
well no - it does move around, unlike Properties, but
but not like yours - it does the ‘right’ thing, though I cannot see why it needs to move at all.
RH-62664 BlockManager: too much action

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Thanks, instead of auto-resizing the field along a horizontal axis, why not simply keep it a default size and let the user resize it if necessary?