BlockManager Bug: editing linked blocks


Both V5 and V6 WIP:

  1. create a file that contains a block instance

  2. make a new file, insert the first one as linked block definition
    the BlockManager will show the name of reference block if “Show the reference block definition” is checked

  3. double-click to edit - Rhino will lock and new instance will open to edit the referenced block file. No need to change anything, just SAVE.
    Repeat #3 a few times.

Every time the externally edited block is saved and we are back to main session, the list of Reference block definitions in BlockManager grows, and adds a numbered suffix to the referenced block name.
Once the main file is closed and re-opened, the list is back to a single reference block definition name.

Can anyone repeat that problem?



Hi Jarek - I’ll check, thanks.
So far this is correct here in the latest - there has been a lot of churn in this area the past week or two, so it may still need some tweaks but as of right this second, I cannot reproduce the problem here…


Thanks Pascal, happening here in the latest WIP. Will try to test again when the new one comes out.