BlockEdit with Macro Editor

I’m a little new to the Macro Editor, but have found it really helpful for editing multiple blocks and saving them out of a scene to various folders using a tertiary Grasshopper script with the Elefront plugin to reference block names and then set up the macros edit their properties using the -_BlockManager command. I’ve got a bit stuck with something I’m trying to do now though…

I’m using the Macro Editor to apply UVW box mapping to an array of blocks in my scene. The -_BlockEdit command doesn’t supress the dialogue box like other commands (i.e. -_BlockManager or -_Make2D). I cannot find the function to exit the BlockEdit Dialogue box, which would usually require pressing “OK”. Is there a way I can use the command line or rather the Macro editor to effectively press the OK button on the BlockEdit dialogue?

Thanks for any help in advance!

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I am also looking for a solution for this! Anyone?