Blocked by CORS

Hi Shapediver,

I am trying to embed the shapediver model on my own page following this example:

I am getting the following error:


Any idea?

Hi, you can safely ignore this error, it happens in certain browsers, and the viewer works around it.
Please use the latest version 2.19.4

I don’t see the viewer popping up. Any idea why?

Lot’s of ideas :wink: Please share a link…

I am using .vue and localhost testing.

This is the code, am I missing something?

This is the model:

It’s not clear what’s going wrong. Can you share a link?

I am not sure if it is related but Rhino Compute has been down for the last two days… I have been unable to access the examples because of this. Last time this happened a McNeel employee had to restart their server.

Which link do you want Alexander? :slight_smile:

@elliotttboxx ShapeDiver is not making use of the publicly available Rhino.Compute service. You can imagine the ShapeDiver backend like lots of Rhino.Compute instances running in parallel (although technically it’s not making use of Rhino.Compute). ShapeDiver provides very high high availability, scalability, and on top of that a caching layer.

The problem @r.h.a.titulaer is facing is somehow related to the code of the web application embedding the ShapeDiver Viewer. To be investigated.

@r.h.a.titulaer could you make your example publicly available?
Maybe your example is simply not showing the viewport container.
You could also add the following constructor settings to see verbose messages in the browser console:

loggingLevel: 3,
messageLoggingLevel: 3,