BlockDescriptions are missing


I just wanted to import block from another file keeping original layer structure,
so, I wrote this python script.

filename = rs.OpenFileName("select file for block", "3dm (*.3dm)|*.3dm||")
if filename:
	cmd = "_-Insert _File=_Yes _LinkMode=_Link \""+filename+"\" B 0,0,0 1 0"

But by this way, Block Descriptions are missing.

By Using Copy and Paste , Block descriptions are OK , ( but layers are merged ).

I wanted to use BlockURL, and BlockURLTag ,already implemented SDK/VB, but Python script does not support yet, so I have to use this description instead of it now.

I hope to fix this small problem , and support these functions by Version 5.


(Dale Fugier) #2

Keep in mind that _-Insert _File=_Yes... does not does not import a block from a file. Rather, it inserts a file and makes it a block. Now if the file you Insert has a block definition in it, then that block definition will be nested in the block you create when inserting. You can see the hierarchy using BlockManager.


Hello dale,

I run “Explode” command after Insert, ( my script ).

Please Check block “Description”. using -Insert _File=Yes , and “Explode”

All block descriptions are disappeared.

(Dale Fugier) #4

Sorry, I missed the “LinkMode=Link”. I’ve reported this as a bug.