BlockAttributeText problem


I used the AttributeBlockText function to optimize the nomenclature of some blocks in a drawing.

Everything was working until today: I opened my file and these blocks now show the text “####” instead of the values I had entered until then.

Do you know where this can come from?

Thanks for your help,


Hi François -
I’m not completely sure which workflow you have used here.
Could you provide a 3dm file and, perhaps, a bit more information?

I used the BlockAttributeText function to easily name spaces in a plan using the same block. This worked fine until I opened this file today, and instead of the names I had given, I saw the texts “####”, for each of the blocks.

I am attaching a file for further clarification.

Thanks for your help.

2022-1021_CHM-PRO_BlockAttributeText_Problem.3dm (382.4 KB)

Hi François -
It looks like you are using a cracked version of a very old Rhino 7 release.
Several bugs in this area were fixed in later SRs.