Block path ignored


if I try to change the linked block file to an other and I press the button behind the block path, than next dialog opens in the wrong directory - see screenshot. Please enable that the current path is used.


Hmm- it seems to go to the last used directory- is that what you are seeing? That seems at least as likely to be ‘correct’.


I don’ know, maybe VfR was jumped to c:\ last, but I try to change the path of a block with d:\Projekte… . I expect that the path of the current edited block is used like shown at the line “File name”.

Often the problem is that the file version/name of a block is changed and I only want to change from Block_v1 to Block_v2 at the same place. The last used directory of Rhino could be anything, for example a texture file from a texture library.

I can see that last used directory can be annoying if you want to switch blocks that are in the same directory. On the other hand, I’m with @pascal. Last used is very sensible if you want to change a bunch of block with a set from another directory.

In either case the other behavior is annoying. I don’t think there is a general solution to this. I’d stick to last used, because in most situations, I find this the more suitable prediction.

Yeah, I think it might make sense to keep track of directories used in Insert & BlockManager only- the way we keep track separately of Open and Import for example.


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On further testing it does seem to pay attention to the last used Insert directory, which seems reasonable enough- can you verify that you are not actually getting texture directories or anything completely unrelated like that? I am not sure, at the moment, that there is anything to change here that would make things better, and not just different…



At my inital post the screenshot shows that the directory c: was opened. I don’t save user data there, only a few render cache files. I tested it and this seems to be not the reason.
I thought the best would be to read the current block path, but my workaround can be to copy&paste the current path from the block UI.

I thought I submitted this same issue many months ago, but can’t find any trace of it. Oh well…

I find the path thing a step backward from V4. When I insert a block and want to replace it with a new one, it’s usually in the same folder or really close by. Now I have to navigate through endless folders every time I start the process.

If I start Rhino fresh, open a project, open the block manager and go to change an inserted block to a different file, Rhino takes me to the template folder where my default startup file is located. When would I EVER want to start there as opposed to where the current block is located?

Most of our projects have Pictureframes in our presentation drawings. When I go to change out the linked image file, Rhino still takes me to the folder where the current file is located. Please don’t break this too…


Hello all,

I have a question regarding Block paths:

I made a copy of my main File along with the folder with all the linked Blocks I used in this File. This way I could change the new blocks without affecting the original ones. The name of the blocks are the same as before, only the Containing Folder is different.
I would like to change the path of the folder where the blocks are in. Is it possible to change the path of all the blocks at once instead of doing it one by one, which is a bit laborious since I have a lot of them?
Thank you!

I hope this is the right place to post this question

Hi Gon- I do not think there is a good way to do this without a script.


Hi Jim- thanks, I’ll see if there is a way to tune this up for V6.


Hi Pascal.
Alright. Thanks a lot. I was just trying for a way to make it faster

I would like to bring it back on the table, because it’s really frustrating to change the path of a linked block within the project directory, but the block manager opens the d:/temp dir always. Please, make that the current path of the liked path is used. It cost a lot of time and clicks to bring Rhino back to the right directory.


SR10 - still annoying. I try to change the path of a block, but Rhino starts at c:/ instead the directory of the current block path. I can’t remember me to use the path c:/ at Rhino today. Please don’t forget it for v6.

Hi Micha- this does not happen here. The last used Rhino folder is what is used - (from Import, or Insert for instance). So, I’m not sure what to suggest, perhaps trying this in SafeMode, or with all third party plug-ins disabled, might be a good test.

Restoring V4 behavior is on the pile

but it looks like you have neither V4 nor V5’s expected behavior.


I don’t how it was working at R4, but I expect that if a path is used that the path is used again later.

For example if I use a texture and try to set an other texture, than the texture UI open the path of the current map. The current Rhino behavior for block paths is very confusing and time consuming.

A typical workflow for assembly parts is to store all data in a work directory. Why should Rhino jump to an other path, for example c:/? It’s not practicable!

Could be nice to get the path issue corrected. Really, if I want to change the path of a linked block, than I need the current block path and not a path to my temp directory. Please trust me. :wink: