Block - Orbit Problem

Hello All,

I have a problem with one of my project which includes a block.

When I focus on the attached part it orbits from further away which I cannot see any other object.

When I zoom extent, there still seems to be something that I cannot see.

Also, you can see that there are objects that seem like wireframe instead of shaded like other objects.
These are the objects that i am having trouble actually.
I created the green one once more outside of the block, but when i add this to the block it becomes a wireframe object which causes this problem.

Could you please help me, i am using rhino 6 ?

BLock-orbit.3dm (259.7 KB)

When I open the file and go into BlockEdit mode, doing Zoom Extent will only zoom to the visible objects. Then exiting the BlockEdit mode keeps Zoom Extent to only zoom to the visible block - so that seems enough to fix that behavior.

As for the wireframe drawing, I’m not seeing that here. You could try ClearAllMeshes in BlockEdit mode to see if that fixes this on your end.

Hello Wim, thank you very much !

Zoom extend command in the block fixes the problem thats what I need.

I think this is an other kind of bug ?!

Do you have a reliable way of reproducing this with any object?