Block objects that contain block objects

Our custom ‘Urban Furniture’ items will be our product range, and as part of the blocks which will be saved as b2d & b3d files etc we have layers for various components.

So far, so good as we can still make use of the 2D and 3D switching within Lands, great.

Our models also include LINKED blocks of people on their own layer. Currently, we insert a Linked block into our projects and these blocks within blocks load fine and can be switched on and off using layers.
When I try this with them set up as Lands blocks however, these linked blocks inside the Lands blocks just do not import.

Is this something that is a known limitation, or am I missing something somewhere?

Lands object consists of a b2d, b3d, jpeg and txt file. Within the b3d model, there is an additional linked block, this is the one that doesnt import.

Image below shows the windows explorer browser and also the Lands window with the imported block missing the person.

An update:
If I Insert the block model into the project using the standard Rhino command and then use the Lands library method afterwards, the linked blocks within the block objects appear. It will also convert the previously inserted item into a Lands object.
It appears it only uses the linked blocks if they have already been added to the project.

If I do these two steps the other way around (Lands Urban Furniture block first), the linked blocks do not import and then when Inserting the same model using the Rhino standard command, I am asked to choose between updating the duplicated block or creating a copy (version 01). Neither of these options show the linked blocks within the inserted file.
It will generate the layer that the missing linked blocks are on, but not the objects themselves.

It appears it is possible to use the linked blocks within Urban Furniture items, but not by default.

Also, if using a non default template (not the Lands ones), the Rhino Insert and Lands Urban Furniture Insert of the SAME model come in at different scales one in meters, one in mm. All models (block and project) are set to mm.