Block objects and double click of the mouse

When I do a double click of the mouse on the block object, then immediately “block edit” menu.
What should be done to the edit menu does not appear as a result of double-clicking?


Hi leex,

Can you explain more about what you’re seeing? I think you’re opening the block editor by double clicking a block instance and this is how it should work. I’m not sure what’s happening after that though.

If this is also happening with one block only, please send that file over too. If it’s too large to post, please use .

I use the Matrix plugin for Rhino
There jewelry stones arranged in blocks.
Often do so accidentally double click on gemstone and immediately pops up menu block editor. It annoys me a bit.
Is it possible to make so that this does not pop up the block editor menu?gem.3dm (1.3 MB)

Yes, you can Lock the block or put them on a layer and lock that. This will prevent the block editor from opening when you double click over them.

This method is not suitable. Since gemstones need to move or scale.

Can I use another way. So that the editor did not appear as a result of double-clicking?

Any ideas? May be necessary for something to change in the system files? Does anyone know what files are responsible for it?