Block layer problem

Hi, when placing blocks [set to “insert block as group”]. it places the block on the layer it was created in.

i read from another post that, as a block instance, this is expected behavior (i don’t agree but i accept it) but this behavior is also happening when it is a group too. I think that it should be placed in the active layer.

Hi Yousef - the objects in the block definition are on the layers that they exist on when the block is created. Blocks can be complex and organized by layer - or they can be external files, with layer structures - would you really want all this to be discarded? You can make a macro:

! _Insert _Pause _SelLast _ChangetoCurrentLayer


Hi Pascal. But… when inserting a block as a group it is no longer a block. so I’m thinking it should not bahave as one, and inherit the same layer. instead, it should be placed on the active layer. no?

Hi Yousef - but … why should the inserted objects behave differently from other objects? - if you copy a group or import a file, or Copy/Paste, objects remain on their own layers. I think we would hear some loud howling if they did not.

And, would you really want the layer information to be lost? I guess you are inserting simple objects that get no benefit from layer organization, but imagine that is not the case. For simple objects the macro above should help, and for more complex ones the default behavior is probably best, unless I am completely missing the point…


Hi Pascal,

but… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: some operations behave already differently. when offsetting for example. if you offset a line on layer A with an active layer B the offset lines are located on layer B. so to me (i’m still new) it seems that some operations already deserve to be created on the active layer.

Yes if you copy a group or import a file, or Copy/Paste it makes sense to keep it on the original layer. but… (yet again) i feel this rule should not be held holy and there are other cases where we can benefit from the active layer deciding placement.

Hi Yousef - yes. new geometry has to be be put on some layer, and the general rule is that it goes on the current layer. I would call that a completely different situation. I’m not convinced… Again, I’d say just think about the chaos that could ensue if objects that are organized by layer were to lose this information on Insert…


Ok, Well thanks for your time Pascal. i appreciate it.