Block junk in some display modes

Whenever I use blocks I get these unusual partially duplicated bits of geometry around the view. The offset from whatever block they came from seems random. They are unselectable but stay put in the view, so clearing meshes and triggering a redraw doesn’t do anything or moving around doesn’t get rid of them. This shows up in all of my custom display modes (some based on Shaded, others on Pen), Technical, and occasionally others.

In this case particular case which is part of a very simple model I can isolate it to the “show intersections” option for the display mode.

All similar discussions I’ve found over the years have pointed at AMD drivers being problematic but they are limited to the Windows version (which I unfortunately also use on a big box with AMD) and apparently often solved by disabling antialiasing. The Mac I use has integrated switching and a Radeon HD 6750M. Antialiasing is disabled in Rhino. Are there any known issues or workarounds that I can refer to?

Occasionally when Make2d has a conniption I need to get output with -_ViewCaptureToFile but on complex models this becomes unusable as well.

Can you provide the model or another that shows this on your system? Email if the model is confidential.

@jeff any thoughts?