Block issue persistent. also keep reading please


WHEN I AM IN A BLOCK (i have blocks with sometimes hundreds of blocks within blocks within blocks etc) I’ve been having this issue. When I go into the main block. And I hide Objects/or other blocks, it doesn’t matter really… IF I HIDE ANYTHING. AND THEN… try to go into any other block that’s in the tree… I will get this DIALOG BOX… Now, whether I click yes or no, it doesn’t matter, the HIDDEN blocks at this moment will then be removed from the main block… It’s extremely frustrating. I also WISH there was a way to update the block while I was in it… for example, being in a block and clicking UPDATE and then SEEING and being able to have block attributes to that block in that moment… instead of having to close out and reopen to see the new block I’ve created

@pascal has kindly informed me that this has been fixed elsewhere and everyone knows about it lol

ALSO i’ve mentioned this before but I still can’t get the pastetocursor script to work… it only worked for me in rhino 5…

Hello - remind me what the error message, if any, is when you run the paste st cursor script…?



can you see the image

You get that in paste at cursor?? If PasteToCursor.rvb is giving an error on Line 1, then drag and drop it again onto Rhino.(the script seems to work as expected here)


i can’t seem to get the command to run

Hello - try: find the rvb file and drag and drop it onto Rhino 6, then type in PasteToCursor - it should autocomplete and run the script…?
PasteToCursor.rvb (1.1 KB)

Blocking plug-in RhinoScript.
Unknown command: _-LoadScript

Im also unable to run the script… any ideas?

Hello - what happens when you try, anything? Is RhinoScript enabled in Options> Plugins page?


Hi Pascal, it’s been a while on this. I was trying to use the cursor paste script at my old company I am no longer with so it could have been a security thing - they were kinda crazy there with that stuff. I just tried to put it into the rhino 7 beta with instant success.


Actually Command “NO” is really the happiest of them all… :stuck_out_tongue: