Block instances have strange appearance Rhino WIP6 Mac

Noticing that sometimes when I convert objects into block instances, the appearance in shaded view changes. They also sometimes don’t show up at all in rendered view. Could this have something to do with the fact that they are single surfaces with no thickness?

Screenshots: the darker appearance is what happens when these become block instances.

Hello - does this happen immediately when the block is created or later when other instances are added? Are any of the blocks locked? (I have not see this yet here - if you have a simple file that shows the problem please post it or send to



@dantaylr Please try the latest Mac WIP, I believe this has been fixed recently.

Latest mac wip was released last week. Didn’t you fix this this week?

I believe I fixed it last Tuesday (Finland time), Mac WIP was released (I think) last Tuesday evening (Finland time). Unless we are now releasing earlier, it should be fixed.

To be really sure, download the latest WIP on Wednesday.