Block/instance no delete objects

Hello everybody,

a question for developers:
why when you create a block, after creating an instance,
all the reference objects of the instance itself are deleted?
Maybe there’s a logical reason… but it certainly escapes me,
I would consider it a better solution to not delete the objects used when creating a block/instance. they can subsequently be used for a comparison check with the instance itself, in case others are added to the initial objects, to see the difference between before and after and therefore realize whether other objects need to be added to the instance. ps it would also be more consistent with the edit instance block command, that when objects are added, in this case the added objects are not deleted (as I think is ideal)

thanks :pray:

a confirmation message after creating the block
asking if you want to delete the objects used to create the instance

Hello - I would guess that is by far the least common way to use Block - at least, I don’t recall encountering this wish. In case it helps, a macro:

! _Copy _Pause _InPlace _SelNone _SelLast _Block


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yes @pascal :+1:

after the post I thought of this solution,
I was wondering if other forum users would appreciate this too…