Block instance fails when following video exactly...what have I done wrong?



followed very simpletutorial 2mins 20sec yet it fails for me.

  1. type block and choose ref point and name it Ibeam
  2. copy it out a few times.
  3. select the first one and alter size, making it taller.
  4. type block and choose the same ref point and select the original name for the block of Ibeam
  5. choose replace at the prompt window. they all update.


  1. draw a circle, choose centre for ref point, name it 7mmdiacircle
    2)copy it out a few times
    3)select first one and scale it larger
  2. type block and choose centre of it and select its name from the drop down list as he did
  3. choose replace and it says:-
    Unable to create block definition. The block instance you selected has the same name as the block definition you are trying to create. Please use a name that is different.

well the video sees the guy choose the same name, he says to do so, he doesnt get this happen.



Hi Steve, you´re using V4 right ? This has been an old bug which seems to be fixed in V5 where you just double click on the block, make the changes to the blocked geometry and click ok to see all copied instances update. All this without redefining the blockname or basepoint.

To get past this in V4, explode “7mmdiacircle”, make the scaling, then create a new block named “7mmdiacircle” and click ok to see all other instances update.


If you are redefining the block with a larger circle, explode the block, and make a new one from the resulting circle. The other blocks will then update, Without the explode, you are making a block from a block of the same name.



Many thanks,
that worked :slight_smile:

I like blocks as I can even copy a copy and its still a block instance,

does this work ad infinutum ?

I also see that if I I scale larger one of the copies made from the ‘master’, then explode it and make it a block using its original name it updates the other instances including the master.

Is there a ‘master’ as such, it would seem any instance is the master, or in other words there is no master.

Great for rethinks of rivet sizes. Also enables me to move one without breaking history as rec hist did.