Block ignores custom lighting


I recognized a lighting problem with the block parts in my actual Rhino scene.
The scene lights up by a custom environment light (imported hdr image), thats all fine. But the imported blocks are all very dark and ignore the environment lighting map. I could spin them round or relocate it but the block is only lightened up by one side.

Anyone knows why the block ignores the hdr light map?


Hi Simeon - I guess I need more information - here, as a simple test if I make a block it seems to behave correctly with respect to an HDR environment - indistinguishable from a non-block next to it.


Hi Pascal :slight_smile:

I also made a simple example and noticed that the position and scale of the blocks influences the environment lighting. Only blocks, not the normal objects in this scene. For this I created a cube in a new Rhino scene and the same block in new file imported as block file (linked block). Also with environment lighting activated it was all fine, till I moved the two blocks -200 on x-axis. Then it looked like this:

Cubes before moving:

Cubes after moving -200x:

Default lighting:

Environment lighting: (the left cubes look quite different)

Should I also upload the Rhino file? Btw is there a possability to export a Rhino file with all blocks, environments etc. in one folder?


Hi Simeon - thanks, I’ll see if I can reproduce this. How are you setting ‘Environment lighting’ - by this do you mean ‘Skylight’ in the lights panel? What is the environment? I guess it would be better to send your cube example and linked file- open DocumentProperties > Rendering page and check the ‘Save support files in 3dm file’ then Save.

Did you try in the V6/WIP by any chance?


block1.3dm (27.6 KB)
würfel.3dm (7.2 MB)

I added an environment at the Document Properties > Rhino Render > Skylight > Custom Environment and I made it on my own by importing an hdr image.

Testing in Rhino 6/WIP triggered big problems (for the complex file I am working in and where the problem first time occured). The Lighting seems to be quite different in Rhino 6, it is much more lightened up. I could not see the problem we are talking about in WIP but with the other problems I could not work with that at the moment. One example is that sometimes Rhino needs 10 minutes to change the environment map or it crashes. Or materials from blocks are not shown and the complete block is white. Maybe these problems occur because they were created in Rhino 5.


Hi Simeon - Thanks - I see the problem in V5 and so far not in V6/WIP.