Block explode problem V6 vs. V7

The blocks come in different in V6/V7.
Also on _Explode they behave different.

Open this DXF in V6.
Block.dxf (42.5 KB)
Select a block (is circle, point).
Ok, is as expected.

Do the same in V7.
Select a block (is circle, point and text).

What can we do to have the same result as in V6?

Hi Charles - thanks, I see this.
RH-63513 ExplodeBlock: Don’t lose the text value


Hi @Charles,

Do you know where this .dxf file originated from? AutoCAD?

EDIT: I got this when trying to open in AutoCAD 2021.

Improper table entry name ATRIUM HOCH on line 42.
Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded.

– Dale

I’ll try to find out the file source.

DXF comes from:
Hilti Totalstation POS15