Block Editing while in Raytraced makes rhino crash


Odd indeed. The latest crash I looked at is where you asked in the comments to forward to me with link to this topic included.

Just sent a new one, still loaded?

Thanks, there are some still partly loaded, but I don’t think these affect the results. I’ll have to figure out a way to reproduce this on my end.

Thanks to @lars I have now a repeatable case in the debugger. I failed to do step 2b, making a copy of the block instance.

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Hi @nathanletwory,

FYI about an hour ago I submitted a crash report & file where Rhino crashed at the point where the “waiting for the instance of Rhino editing the block to close” message box disappeared. I’d modified a block, saved the change and closed the new instance of Rhino while the original instance’s active viewport was in Raytraced mode.


Yes, I now have a better understanding of what is going on. A fix for the problem has to be done in BlockEdit ( RH-47128 BlockEdit messes with object attributes (instance))