Block edit - how to see parts inside shaded?

I’m trying to figure out a workflow that includes using block and this is one pain point that I’m having troubles getting past.
Rhino overrides your display mode when you’re in a tool. For one, I prefer having shade selected objects. I Really want another set of display options for while in a tool? As soon as you are in a tool, it shows the wireframe of the objects instead of shade selected. Well, blockEdit is one of those tools. So as soon as you use block edit, it locks everything you aren’t selecting, and shows the wireframe, even if you had it turned off. And some settings override others. Like setting the objects as transparent? Cool, but check “Draw objects behind all others?” causes the locked objects appearance to default back to…well, the default. No longer transparent.

Is there a decent way of just Hiding everything that isn’t selected? I’d like to toggle that.
I’ve got my shaded modes set to show those objects as transparent, only they are transparent only to themselves. And the object I have selected is still occluded by them. AND the darn thing keeps a copy of your selected object on top of itself also, so Really all the shaded modes sort of suck for block edit. But Wireframe? Bleh, with a full assembly you get wireframe-blindness Really quickly. And inevitably, some of the parts already have a yellow wireframe, white wireframe, etc. So it’s pretty hard to tell what you’re getting at.

I’ll add another issue too, sorry about multiple questions in one post. I have a handle assembly. The assembly is instanced, as it should be. Inside that there are a few pieces of course, 4 of which are the same screw. They all have the same name. Realistically, they would be instances because they are referencing the exact same part. But if the creator just referenced the part 4 times rather than doing a move copy, then it’s not instanced in the step file. But since it is the same part and same name, I don’t really have a way of knowing other than just selecting one, modifying it, and seeing if the change shows up elsewhere. Is there a way to show the instances somehow? I’d love to just replace the screw with the others since that’s one that I found out about also, but that also doesn’t seem all that obvious.

And one last. If you select an assembly, you can select the parts in the viewport. Is there a way to select that part in the block edit tree as well? For this sub-assembly I have a list of 80 parts, all with the same name, other than a number. And guess what isn’t sorted into numeric/alphabetic order? The list in the block edit window. I don’t have dislexia, but Wow do I like to get numbers mixed up if they look similar. So the best way is to select the part you want in the viewport, look at it’s name, then just go searching for the name in the Block Edit window? Is there no way to have the Block Edit window highlight the selected part? It seems to work the other way around, but not consistently, which is very frustrating. If I select an assembly it lock everything that’s not in the assembly. Cool, ok. Then I select a part inside that, and nothing. It’s still showing me all the parts in that assembly. But then I select a different assembly, then select a part and it locks everything that’s not that part as it should. That’s obviously a bug, but I just don’t have time to see if I can get it to happen consistently in order to report it. I’m also working with R6 still because R7 didn’t look to improve any of the features we actually use (from what we could tell)

So for now I’ve had to just turn on the feature for showing the non-locked objects in front of locked objects. I would LOVE an option to hide them though, and also be able to change their visibility as a whole so that it actually works. And if you have a part selected, at the Very least, it should hide it’s own copy on the locked model so there isn’t polygon interference.