Block Definitions panel - scroll to selected

When the list of blocks in the panel is rather long, it would help if the list would scroll to show the selected block, either automatically, or by a (context) menu command.
If multiple blocks are selected in the scene which are ‘strewn’ all across the panel list, it could simply scroll to the first.

To be clearer: the menu command “Get selection from viewport” does something different - it selects (dark blue) what was only highlighted before (light blue). It does not autoscroll either.

Also, the pre-selection highlight color (light blue - the color when the mouse hovers over list items) is the same as the color of the objects that are selected in the scene. It would help if it was slightly different. An even lighter blue, maybe. That would give 3 colors in total.


Hello- starting with this one,

RH-80134 BlockManager: Scroll to selected