Block Copier

@pascal a while ago you wrote a little script for me that would basically make a copy of a block with all the elements in it. It was called BlockCopier.rvb. Do you still have it? Between the official release of Rhino 5 and me doing some house cleaning I don’t seem to have it anymore. Thanks

Hi Dennis- this looks like it: Bytes)

Unzip, drag and drop onto Rhino to add the alias “BlockCopier”…


Awesome. Thanks.

Hi @pascal

So I downloaded the BlockCopier when I was looking for something copy blocks. You graciously sorted that out for me! How do I now remove the BlockCopier command from Rhino? I don’t understand how to work it and I don’t need it. It pops up an error when I tried it. It’s high on the Rhino command predictions so would be nice not to think not to click it when it is listed. KR H

Hi - it sounds like you should be able to just remove the BlockCopier alias that was automatically added to the “Rhino Options > Aliases” list when you dropped the script onto Rhino.

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Great. Thanks. H

Hi Wim, so I’ve deleted the BlockCopier from the Aliases and restored defaults and that worked great. However, when I start Rhino I now get this message: Cannot find script file C:\Users\Hayden\Desktop\New folder\BlockCopier.rvb. How do I stop Rhinora from looking for it? She has better things to do and I binned it already. H

Hi - see if that rvb script is referenced under Rhino Options > RhinoScript > Startup.
If so, just delete it in that list.

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Sorted. Thanks. H