Block Attribute Text Scaling when Printing

The way Rhino is scaling my block attribute text might kind of suck for me. I’m wondering if there’s a good solution to this. Basically here’s what my issue is:

I’m creating a block library with all the blocks sized to 1 to t scale. Some blocks (including the grid bubble in this example) will have attributes. My intent is to scale it as needed depending on what scale I’m using. I’ve already made a RhinoCommon script to handle this.
While working in my views everything looks okay, as shown with the grid bubble on the right. But when I print, the text shrinks (at first I though it was disappearing):

The text looks okay in my working views, but as soon as I print it changes everything on me. It shrinks the text back down to it’s unscaled size (the thick line is actually the grid bubble’s circle):

I have model space scaling and layout space scaling turned off because they don’t jive well with Visual ARQ stuff. Upon experimentation, I found that the text just scales down regardless anyways.
The only solution I can think of right now is to create multiple versions of my blocks for each individual scale I use. This sucks and is like going 20 years back in time.

I feel like it should just print like it’s shown, not change the text size on me.

As shown in Layout Space:

And in print preview / actual plot (missing grid bubble text):

To summarize my issue: I don’t want to create individual blocks for each and every scale. I want to create a single block at 1 to 1 and scale it. If the block contains an attribute, the text looks fine but only until I print (and in print preview), then it decides to shrink it down on me. Manuall drawing grid bubbles isn’t actually that big of a deal. The issue is that I plan to create more complicated blocks that would be dreadful if I had to create one for each scale.

I had to do some experimenting and finally found out the solution. Not so much the cause. But the problem was due to a very unique combination of things. I’m only 75% sure of the cause but 99% sure that I’ve solved the problem.
First, I was working off a VARQ plan view (basically a live “make2D” for those unfamiliar with VisualARQ. I had created the plan view at it’s elevation isn’t of my datum of zero feet. In the layout view itself I had the floor above’s visibility turned off (it’s turned on in the picture below).


It was the combination of the plan being drawn at the top of my basement slab’s elevation, and having some plan views above turned off. After adjusting either one It’s actually hard to reproduce. It was the perfect storm.

So for whatever reason, my text would appear fine until I got to the print / print preview and then disappear. There were some other weird stuff going on too. It’s printing nicely now.