BlendSrf Rhino_V4 and Rino_V5

Slight confusion between BlendSrf in Rhino4 and Rhino5 ?
How do I get the same result as in Rhino4 ?
Bulb control in Rhino4 is perpandicular to booth edges, in Rhino5 not, and selection works totally different.

Rhino 4

Rhino 5

Hi Eddi - hold Alt and rotate the points that go off the ‘wrong’ way - does that help, for now? Can you post the surfaces?


Thanks Pascal,
File is here: Organic modeling task - stopped!
So the left model in file, create Patch and BlendSrf between Patch and Sweep2 surface not work here

Hi Eddi - thanks - so far, I cannot reproduce what you show in your little clip - the edge of the patch does not select all the way around…wait…do you have Autochain=Yes when selecting? what chain continuity? If I chain all the edges and then set the ends of the blend not to wrap around, I get the behavior you show - try not chaining the edges…


Clip 2 shows the problem, AutoChain = No/Yes has no effect, I click an edge and all edges on PatchObject are hightlighted.
@Pascal bud good, it appeared only on this uploaded file (created in Rhino_v4) :innocent:

Hi Eddi - odd… does DupEdge select all the way around? It does not here…


Aah, I see it…
Problem here is Patch, that create only one boundary edge ?