BlendSrf Problem

Hello i have a problem regarding the “Blend srf” command. As you may see when i try to blend two surfaces edges, at a first look it seems that everything is fine. But when im done using the comand and change to rendered view, it seems that there is some extra geometry, but when i change to shaded view, it doesnt show that problem.

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that is a render mesh artifact…

in windows, go to tools>options>mesh and change to smoother and slower.

that problem will likely go away. if not you’ll have to dig into the custom render mesh settings and make your max edge length something reasonable for the size of your object. (if it’s set to 0 that value is ignored)


Thanks. It worked to some extent. I still see a few of those “glitches” but the representation is more smoother.

ok, then go to the custom settings and change the distance to surface to something small (file tolerance is a good place to start)

then change the max edge length to something reasonable for the scale of your model… smaller values make for smaller triangles

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