BlendSrf and Insert on Mac needs tune up

@dan BlendSrf on Mac behaves differently then in Windows: whenever I try to create the BlendSrf by hitting my spacebar, instead of creating the BlendSrf like on Windows, it will instead clear out the fist slider value. I expect that OK is always pressed when hitting Space or Enter

When using insert on Windows, I often have to insert multiple instances of the same block. In Windows I can do this very quickly once the block I want to insert has been inserted once: just hit space two times and can insert a new instance right away. On Mac the focus is not on the apply button, but I expect the focus to be on that button.

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@pascal can you file this one?

Hi Gijs-

Sorry for the slow uptake!

This one looks remarkably similar to:
RH-62791 BlendCrv dialog: Flip 1 is highlighted by default

Am I way off here?

@dan yes, pls also file the block instance dialog one

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