Blending poly surface

i am making a desk for fun and learning i jut made a drawer and try for hours now to blend the corners what they also do with wood corners with some sandpaper in real life.-:slight_smile: if i select all the corners and look at the preview everything looks fine and than i hit the blend button and the result is shit… maybe someone can help me or maybe there is a way to find the mistake automatic?? by the way i just in the example pict 0.8mm but i also did on 1mm what i really like to have
t1.3dm (211.6 KB)

thanks for the help in advange
greetings Peter

there are gaps at the corners thats the reason of the unsuccessful blend operation you have to fix those.


thanks for that …i know that there are gabs on the corners i fix a lot of them by hand but sometimes you cannot find them
and for me its strange that in the preview blending command all the blending control point are white so i think that means
everything is oke i mine opinion rhino can also not find them??
greetings Peter

here is an new try by redraw things by the way i repair this by using 2rail sweep

same corner before blending

That corner situation looks a little fishy - most likely there is a better way to arrange things, but to fix it up, something like this is probably cleaner-


thanks pascal you are right its a better way but stil have the question if i look in de blending preview all the control corners are white that means they are oke ?? am i right on this point??
greetings peter

The preview is just an indication of the size of the fillet. Rhino just draws curves at the end points of the edges and white handles to manually change a radius. At that point, Rhino hasn’t calculated any surfaces yet and they can therefore not be used as an indication of success.

thanks Wim for the answer it is really confusing because i was thinking that rhino calculate everything because of the fact there is are also red control point in the preview and if you change them they become white and the blending on that place is mostly correct.
greetings Peter