Blending curves in grasshopper (wrong direction)

Hello, I am trying to blend all the open curves together (in the gaps) to achieve a single planar curve. However, I find that the blend curve is always only produced on one side and it gets problems when I try to create the blend on the other side (even when trying to flip curve etc). May I find out what I am doing wrong?

I’m avoiding attaching the definition as the file is very big (can’t really internalize data)

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The attached screenshot of the grasshopper definition shows the side that is successfully blended.

Try flip curves for the other sides

I already tried that but it doesn’t seem to be working :frowning: (51.7 KB)

Okay! I managed to delete the other parts of the definition. Could you help me to see what I am doing wrong?

Try with shift list, and you don’t need Graft in output A and B (49.3 KB)

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Hmmm I tried shift list, but there was no change in the appearance (still connected to the wrong points)…

Did you open the file attached?

Oh! My bad I didn’t realize there was a file attached. Thank you so much - really appreciate the help! Idk why shift list didnt seem to work when I tried it on my own the other time.

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Maybe you used graft for output A and B