Blending between upper and lower mouse halves

I am having trouble blending between the upper and lower parts of the computer mouse I am working on. I have attached the file and was hoping someone could tell me or do a short video on how this can be done. Thanksmouse b4 blend.3dm (797.4 KB)

Sorry for the trouble. I figured this out This thread can be closed.Thanks

Hi Brent- make sure the continuity among all the surfaces around the bottom part is at least tangent, and it should work OK- you’ve got some messiness in there and a tiny little surface at the pointy end that is probably not part of the intention there.


Thankyou Pascal for the advice. I know it is not perfect but I have things
working for now.I am following the infiniteskills tutorials which I find
tremendous.I think I just missed something in the tutorials. They are
definitely worth a look. Kind Regards, Brent