Blending advice

I can’t yet manage to get the smooth blend I want in this situation. In every case so far, and I’ve tried many, I end up with a small area that won’t heal over. I’ve been creating a curvature level plend between the verticle and horizontal surfaces so I can further match them but I’m kind of stuck here. Does anyone have a method to deal with this?

I want to blend the corners into the cylindrical surface without any apparent edges. (3.2 MB)

after looking at the photos of the burner in other thread, I thought it would be better to do the top surface in 2 pieces. This will allow you to keep all the surfaces cleaner, and have portion of the main cylinder to match to. Also, the side surface in photograph is not vertical. So, i tested a second layout, file with both layouts - SmoothBlend_ surface layouts.3dm (557.2 KB)

also, there is a tutorial (practically the same shape):

That’s some nice work raja. Version 1 is perfection - what I’d want to create. Version 2 more closely matches what’s actually existing. At this point I’m wanting to develop this aspect of design before I go on to making my own creations. Your solution for v2 is nice and simple. I’m bent on complicating things at this point despite myself. But I think you’ll agree the form is rather complex. Not only are the sides not verticle, but the edges pinch in slightly in relation to the mouning holes on the portal union. The there is adding in the central wedge-like form the blends so smoothly into all of it. The form also has a bulging with a sharp ridgeline that blends into the portal plate on either side. On the whole its a very beautiful/scupltural piece. Thanks for taking some time on this, it’s a great help.

Also, I remeber watching that tutorial some time ago and of course forgeting about mostly because at that point I couldn’t appreciate as well as I can now.

brian james made a great tutorial for an object like this here: