Blender import: multiple materials per object?


Trying to import a Rhino file with objects on which different parts of the surface have different materials.

However, I’m only getting the first applied material coming into Blender.

Any way to get Blender to recognize the various surface materials?

[edit] I’ve just noticed that objects to which an additional material has been assigned (in my original file) has TWO materials assigned - the original material, and the new materials.

However, I’ve also found that an object with two materials assigned (e.g. a cube with a blue top) can be split, but the top still contains two materials, and the material assigned first is the one that shows up.

Is there a way to remove one of two assigned materials without editing every object individually?

LEDs.3dm (238.1 KB)

Import of Rhino geometry relies on the render meshes (the reason to save your file with a view in rendered mode). Unfortunately at this time a render mesh as it currently stands doesn’t support multiple assigned materials. You can see that by running the command _ExtractRenderMesh, you’ll end up with a single-color.

It will not be possible to do that until Rhino mesh structure supports different materials assigned to individual faces.

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Ok, thanks.

Is it possible to make sub-object selections by color?

For example, I have 30 cubes with blue tops. Can I select just the blue tops, but all of them simultaneously?

@pascal do you know if this is possible?

Hi @Andrew_Turner
Just right click the material on the Materials tab and “Select Objects” - that’ll give you just the faces with the specific material assigned. Note that this only works for materials assigned to sub-objects, so if a “general” material has been assigned, “Select Objects” will select the entire object, including the subobjects with a different material. As an example, a cube is assigned a blue material and the top face is then given an orange top face. Select Objects on the blue material will select the entire cube (including the orange top face), Select Objects on the orange material will select only the top face.
This only work for materials. If you are dealing with display colors, I think you are out of luck; unless someone has a scripted solution? :grimacing:
HTH, Jakob