Blender Cycles in Rhino New to WIN Rhino

Hi renderers,
Been waiting for surfacebook i7 to come out in Japan, but it might be a while and probably not coming in for a while.
While the wait, the previous surface book prices are falling and considering that now. Probably i7 with dGPU,512GB.
It seems it has similar gpu as GeForce 940M.
something in the range of 300+ cuda cores and 1GB memory.

Now going back to the topic title, has anyone tried using Blender cycles with that level machine and will the real time render be usable? Will it still be faster than using i7CPU compute?
When I mean usable, when rotating things aroune for example, I’m hoping the each detail update of the render takes maybe within 5to10sec or so. Nothing too blocky for too long.


I’m not too familiar with the GeForce 940M, but when I still used a GT 420 for daily testing it was ok, and that was with 48 cores. I guess with over 6 times more processing power of the 940M it should work quite ok - faster than on the CPU I think.

You should be able to test Cycles right in Rhino WIP. I’m integrating it as the view port mode Raytraced.

Edit add link: head over to Serengeti ( to download and test Rhino WIP

Thanks @nathanletwory
Yeah, I’d like to test it out but most around me are using mac and wanted to see if anyone was using
the surface with cycles.
Or I might just go to a shop and install cycles if no one’s looking…
I asked once regarding rhino itself and that seemed fine, but wanted to know as you said as it is being integrated.

Right, I suppose you could ask around on Blender forums if there are users who have tested Blender Cycles on such a device :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll check the blender forums!