BlendEdge v Testsetbackblendedge

What is the difference between BlendEdge and Testsetbackblendedge in Work In Progress (7.0.20007.12535, 1/7/2020)?

Hi @davidcockey
I’m not at my computer at the moment, so you’ll have to do your own example, but the difference is the corners. Try BlendEdge on the corner of a box - and then do the same with TestSetBackBlendEdge, and you’ll notice that the corners on the latter have a more rounded look - as they are “set back” from the original.
HTH, Jakob
EDIT: By corner I mean anywhere three edges or more meet.

Correct comparing V6 version of BlendEdge. But the WIP V7 version of BlendEdge appears to give identical “set back” results to those from TestSetBackBlendEdge.
TSBBEBECompare.3dm (1.2 MB)

Maybe TestSetBackBlendEdge has been promoted to BlendEdge in V7? (I know: if so, why is there still a Test version? Fallback?)

Hence my question. Perhaps I should have been more verbose in my initial post.

I’m pretty sure they are the same in V7 at this point.

There is still a test command because test commands are generally for the in-house developers to mess with. You should not expect them to be reliable, and they can change or disappear at any time without notice.

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