BlendEdge strange behavior (v7, win)

When I trigger BlendEdge and I would like to change the NextRadius value there is still the old value working after hitting enter twice. The new value will work after the second triggering BlendEdge. So in other words new radius value will work in every next triggering of the BlendEdge command but not in the current one when we are writing that value.

Is it a bug?

Hello- that sounds like a bug but I am not able to reproduce it here -
Are you saying you cannot accomplish this during the edge selection?


Maybe it’s on purpose, not a bug. I`m not sure.

Hello- NextEdge radius means that, the next edge you select will have this radius - previous edges are unaffected.


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Lol. I’m so blind. I`ve thought that is like on other commands where I write in upfront. Sorry.