BlendCrv - interactively update when inputs curves are moved

In Alias, Blend curves maintain a G1/2 connection with the input curves when the input curves are moved. In Rhino, a G0 connection remains after moving the inputs, because it joins the blend curve to the input curve. Can Alias’ Blend Curve behaviour be mimicked?

turn on history

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I don’t know why I didn’t do so before, but know it works (history was already on).

did you maybe try to move the blends instead of the input curves? that would break history. otherwise if you had history on it should work

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I think that I moved the input curve out of its plane, which broke the curvature continuity of the blend in the non-planar direction.

That does not break History from BlendCrv. Confirmed by testing.

BlendCrv does not require co-planar curves nor does it do anything special if the input is co-planar curves.

Indeed. I dunno what it was I saw, but it’s no longer there.

Did you use Fillet and not BlendCrv? Fillet requires co-planar input curves, but I don’t think Fillet is History enabled.

No I’ve used BlendCrv (it’s aliased), but since I cannot logically reproduce the issue, it must have been a fluke.