Blend Materials V-Ray

Hello, I created a curve surface and a mesh, and I’d like to put one on top on another.
I’m having issues with the Blend tool.
They are two different meshes, one creates the Black Mesh, the other creates the Curve structure.


I don’t understand - the blend material is for blending materials within one main material on one surface or mesh. But you try use two meshes at the same place? This will cause intersection artefacts.

You got z-fighting since the geometries coalesce
You have to push the wireframe mesh a bit up. However you will end up with non-uniform distance between the two (which is negligible if the distance is very small). It is better to offset the wireframe along the normals of the surface vertices.

If your goal is to lay a regular grid out over the surface, there are better ways…

I already tried changing the Z parameter, but it doesnt work. Yes, my goal is to lay that regular grid on that surface

Quite frankly I would render the mesh with TexEges texture, and not bother with the surface at all

Apart from having the mesh a greater depth (that would cast shadows), piercing the surface I don’t think there is a good solution. That would still produce artifacts where the local differential is too high (the grade angle of the surface). How you make a mesh that only have the wires, and not the facets between them ?

How does it look like in the viewport? if it is bad there already it will be bad in V-Ray as well.
Games constantly avoid this kind of issues with appropriate textures, rather than laying geometries one atop another.